Our web page is finally coming together!

So I’ve spent the past 5 hours or so figuring out how to use the wordpress platform to create our website!  Wordpress is a little bit different than good old HTML, but the platform promises save a lot of time because of it’s ability to be reformat the entire site without endless coding and recoding on my part.  However I’m missing the flexibility of HTML because it seems more difficult to integrate forms, tables, and other little things which were seemingly much easier to implement in the world of old school HTML.

Done Today:
  • Mobile DJ Service Page
  • Mobile DJ Packages Page
  • Sound Reinforcement Page
  • Sound Equipment List
  • Lighting Page
  • Lighting / Visual Equipment page
Coming Soon:
  • Quote request form pages
  • DJ Bio Pages
  • Event History List
  • Calendar Integration
  • Linking with my artist site / music blog.
  • Gathering testimonials of previous clients and colleagues.
  • Photo Gallery
  • Videos demonstrating lighting techniques.
  • Mobile display formatting.
  • Getting over this headache.

Signing off,



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