Robotic Wednesdays: Best Party in Oklahoma.

Have you heard the best sound system in Oklahoma? Last week I finally made it to Oklahoma City to check out Robotic Wednesdays for the first time, and it was pretty impressive, and well worth the $8. Robotic is the first dance party I’ve come to in Oklahoma where everything was done right, like seriously everything.

Let’s start with the sound, first of all there were two dance floors of it, so right off the bat there I had the option to switch rooms when the music on the main stage got a little too “angsty” for me, which tends to happen. The main “Robotic” dance floor sports four corner dance stacks by Funktion-One, I even took a peak inside an amp wrack and low and behold they even have the manufacturer recommended E=mc2 amps, those babies aren’t cheap but sure do they sound pretty. The sound in there is just right, you can feel every molecule in your body vibrate as the subs and infra subs hit, and yet still the mids and highs weren’t hurting my ears. On the “Living Room” side stage it looked like they had QSC powered stuff, and plenty of subs… In fact I probably spent most of the night dancing there.

Behind the decks on the main stage I caught some of Ed Crunk who was slaying it with some of the perfect music to drop on such an epic system, and “KrewX” played pretty fab as well, I really dug his first few tracks especially, the ones before he slipped into the more “banging” or “harder” tracks the kids always seem to be about, the rest of the floor was feeling it though… Blake O. Evan C and Jeff Diamond killed it all night in the Living room though I kept finding myself pulled back in by the super phat house and the occasional two step.

One thing I see done wrong a lot of places that these guys also got right was the lighting, All the equipment was well placed and the over all affect of the lighting (and TV’s with visuals behind the DJ’s) was pretty impacting, meaning that it enhanced the mood while not blinding anybody in the process.

One couldn’t have asked for a better vibe there either, from the guy at the door to the security guards and bar tenders, all the staff were on top of their game, respectful and chill, I didn’t even have to wait in line for more than a minute or so to get a drink. They even had some comfy couches, art hanging and a separate out door smoking section.

Robotic on par with some of SF’s best clubs, and I’m gonna say they put on the best club night in Oklahoma hands down. Even though they haven’t announced any guest DJ’s for the Illuminated Party this week I think I’m gonna go any ways, and they’re even having a “Black and White” New Years Eve Ball. If you like to dance and you haven’t checked out Robotic yet, GO! It’s worth the trip.


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