Sound Reinforcement

There’s nothing worse than going to an event where the system sounds terrible. Many mobile DJ’s and event producers lack the knowledge and experience to match the venue and needs of an event. We here at Mor than Just a DJ have worked on events large and small, in a variety of venues, from out door festivals, shot gun bars, even low ceiling cafeterias. We understand that the venue size and shape, arrangement and equalization are all important factors in to balancing the system with the needs of the event.

We use DBX DriveRack Digital Sound Processors in all our systems to smooth out peaks and valleys inherent in speaker designs as well as to help balance out the sonic characteristics of the space which cannot be eliminated by speaker placement alone (such as unwanted reverb or mic feedback caused by resonances within the room) to ensure that your guests experience the best sound possible for your event.

Many sound companies choose speakers and components based on reputation and budget alone, we choose our components with a number of characteristics in mind including price, reliability, driver characteristics, output, speech intelligibility and overall clarity. We’re constantly educating ourselves on what’s available and scouring the marketplace for good deals to ensure that your, our customer get the best value for the price.


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