Our web page is finally coming together!

So I’ve spent the past 5 hours or so figuring out how to use the wordpress platform to create our website!  Wordpress is a little bit different than good old HTML, but the platform promises save a lot of time because of it’s ability to be reformat the entire site without endless coding and recoding on my part.  However I’m missing the flexibility of HTML because it seems more difficult to integrate forms, tables, and other little things which were seemingly much easier to implement in the world of old school HTML.

Done Today:
  • Mobile DJ Service Page
  • Mobile DJ Packages Page
  • Sound Reinforcement Page
  • Sound Equipment List
  • Lighting Page
  • Lighting / Visual Equipment page
Coming Soon:
  • Quote request form pages
  • DJ Bio Pages
  • Event History List
  • Calendar Integration
  • Linking with my artist site / music blog.
  • Gathering testimonials of previous clients and colleagues.
  • Photo Gallery
  • Videos demonstrating lighting techniques.
  • Mobile display formatting.
  • Getting over this headache.

Signing off,



End of the Universe Pre-sales Available Here!

Sorry, cheap presales no longer available.   Tier 2 presales will be available at the Subkulture booth inside center of the universe festival!

When the Center of the Universe ends, another party begins…. Mor than just a party, it’s the “Party at the End of the Universe!”

Featuring on two stages:
on Friday
Jonny Tsunami – OKC
DJ Ronin- Dallas, TX
Bring Tha Ruckus – KC, MO
On Saturday

With support from local legends:
Josh Skanka Hills
George Priet
Kody Aaron William Klutts
Eric Fehringer (Erixsix)
Jonny Lion
Lance Alan Miller (DJ Creole)
Mike Hall
& last but not least, Mor

Dress up as your favorite space traveler and hitch hike down to “Moriways” the Party at the end of the universe to claim your prize for being a bad ass.

To help entice and inspire you to get lost in the moment we’ve askedChelsea Roudebush to bring out some of her amazing art, and out burningman crew is gonna put together a wicked outdoor chill lounge, complete with psychedelic lighting by Sidewayz 8 that will make you wonder if there’s something in the water supply.

Kate Erlinger and friends will be coming down from KC as well with a trunk full of fire toys… Let’s just say things could get hot. Rawr.

Sidewayz 8 also providing out door sound, and lighting control, no lazers in your face guaranteed.

*10 mins from downtown * Safe Legal Venue * secure parking *
* Fire performance * 2 stages * byob * Party past dawn *
* Adults only *And Please!!
Leave all weapons, explosives, bad attitudes and drama at home, as well as observe all state federal and local laws. Anyone found to be ruining the vibe will be asked to leave.

What is more than just a party?
We’re the same madness that created the old Groovement Ent. Parties, as well as is responsible for the mor recent After Beats Social Club. We strive to take each event to a new level, and seem to succeed. It doesn’t matter if 30 people or 300 people show up because we’re determined to have a good time.