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PEAGA5u5 Debut Album

PEAGA5u5 Debut Album

Love good hip hop, a phat groove or a beautiful soundscape? Check out PEGA5U5’s debut album, Flock.”  Some how it manages to blend groovy and goofy, psychedelic and sexy; and warm and wet.  The production work here is rich and beautiful, I would expect nothing less from something Mr. Rogers had his hand in, but it’s truly and evolution in sound.  The Hip-hop lyrics are positive inspirational, and even catchy at times and frequently matched with beautiful wet vocals which sing out to the heart; inviting the head to nod and the toe to tap.

Highlights of the album are #2 “Get Low,” a warm hip-hop infused invitation to the dance floor full of organic percussion, strings, and wood winds, along side a funked out buzzy bass line. #5 “Blue Sol” Ft CelloJoe a majestically sexy trap track that is one part Com Truise, one part Nu Jack Swing, one part cello all blended with a dash of glitch and 808.  Akon would sell his soul to have been on this one, str8 baby making music. and #7 “Gravity” ft Deja Solis My personal favorite, it’s like if you took the spirit of early 2000 progressive house and applied it to a not quite hard hip-hop track with female vocals.  It’s like Freddy Todd on Viagra.

Mr. Rogers hooked it up on an advanced copy (.wav!) with the explicit request that I not share it. I can’t help but share here, because this shit is bomb. I listened to the album back-to-back like 4 times, it was that good. Another cool thing is that the album is Self Released through Band Camp as a “Name your price” Download, or a $12 Limited addition compact disc which comes with online access to downloadable and streamable copies.

Find PEGA5U5 on Sound Cloud or Facebook


(My Liner notes are recorded below)


1 Intro – Goofy Shit

2.Get Low – A warm inviting hip hop Journey to the floor.  Blended with  *****

Dreamberry Shuffle ft The Fungineers – Electro Beat boxing at it’s finest, Featured on the Spring 2013 Mr. Rogers mix***

3.Just Keep Swimming ft – Bright and invitingly psychedelic spiritual hip hop rich and dripping with horny beauty and a nice hook.****

4.Blue Sol feat CelloJoe – Epically sexy, it’s like they took Com Truise style synths and threw them in a blender with an mc, a cello, pure sex and a dash of glitch.  This is baby making music.*****

5Midievil Midi – Psy-trap Warm buzzy synths, lots of arpeggiation, almost trancy in a sense.  ***

6Gravity feat Deja Solis – Funky yet sexy, this track just builds and progresses, seductive and longing at times, exploding with an empowering joy at others.  Amazing build of Tension and release****

7Ripper –  If adult contemporary style smooth jazz was cool it would sound like this.

8Playin Footsie – Fuck yeah, this track is for the floor I feel, it’s got a nice driving beat I feel like I could be dancing in the clouds above some epic sunset scene.

9Harder Than a Rockstar – This one is all about the hip-hop.***


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